Latest scenery upload issues with Iceland?

I have an ipad pro 10.5 and have issues with terrain elevation in iceland with the latest scenery upload. The ground textures are showing nicely but no elevation? I made a flight from BIKF to BIEG and there is high terrain and mountains on approach to BIEG. As suggested by Philippe I cleared my cache twice, restarted several times and still no terrain elevation in Iceland.
I checked the Canadian Rockies at CYXC and there is beautiful terrain there.
Am I doing something wrong?


The reason why it doesn’t have mountains is because there’s no topography above the 60th parallel north (also below the 60th parallel south, known as +60/-60 latitude). You can also see this in Sweden or Norway.

To get a better idea:

Everything between +60 and -60 latitude does have topography.


Am I mistaken that there is terrain in Anchorage?

Anchorage and parts of Alaska are below the 60th. That is why you will have topography in the southern parts, but you will get to a point towards the north where that topography doesn’t continue.