Latest Qatari Virtual Events!

Hello IFC!
I thought I should share some of the awesome pictures our pilots take while flying in our events! At Qatari Virtual, we host around 3-4 events per week. At our events we offer mix of short and long hauls flown by a variety of airlines and aircraft. We also try our best to cater for as many timezones as possible, so everyone can enjoy some awesome multipliers! 😉

All screenshots were taken on the expert server in the last few weeks by Qatari Virtual Pilots.

Check out @QatariVirtual’s thread here

Qatar Airways A350 - Doha to New York

Finnair A350 - Los Angeles to Helsinki

American B772 (oneworld livery) - Buenos Aires to New York

British Airways A320 - Glasgow to London Heathrow

Qatar Airways A321 - Doha -to Trabzon

These are just a handful of events Qatari Virtual, to find out more and be a part of these events head to the link above!
Hope you liked the pics!


What spectacular photos!

Chief Operating Officer