Latest 20.1 update keeps crashing!

Its always run smoothly up until an hour ago after the latest update… anyone having the same issues?

Hi Joey!

Thanks for your question. Can you give us a bit more information please? What device are you using, what’s your operating system and when does that crash happen?

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Hi Marc.

If I can get onto the server, the second I hit “Fly” the app crashes. iPhone 11 Pro, latest update on both IF and iOS.

777er spawning at KATL.

I am having this issue too. The first time I loaded in, I went to look outside and the app crashed. I went to choose an airport before flying, and the app crashed. I refreshed the ATC list and the app crashed. I tried to load the grade table, and the app crashed.

Hi Marc,

I cant even log in now. keeps saying my log in isnt recognised even though I have an account and have done for a while. I assume it’s an overloaded server issue? Alot of folk seem to be having the same issues this evening since the update.

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Hello! Many users are having issues with subscription and connection to servers. The servers are being rebooted, and all should go back to normal shortly. Thank you for your patience😁

Working on this, sorry!