Late release of A380

As I’m a infinite flight player which wait long time of the release of A388 and can’t wait to fly this aircraft in infinite flight, the suddenly delay of the release time is little not acceptable for the A380 fans in infinite flight, after long time development and WIP blogs, also in the announcement of late release I can’t know what bug has occurred with A380. May we wait with the clear issues occurred on A380s? Thanks. (No offensive and I can understand the development team has work a lot on it, thanks


Hi @Katherine_love I understand your frustration with the wait time. The A380 is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) aircraft projects the team has worked on. Due to its size and the level of quality Infinite Flight sets their company standards to, this has resulted in a longer than usual wait time than traditional aircraft releases. Rest assured, the development and beta teams have been working side by side to get the A380 in a release to market state for you all to enjoy. The development team wants to release this aircraft as much as you want to fly it but some final bugs needs to be assessed before it is ready and up to par with company standards. In terms of specifics on the issues, we are not allowed to disclose them unless the team comes forward with an official statement regarding them. Hope this clears up some questions. Won’t be much longer now, hang tight! This will all be worth the wait. ;)