Late night Seattle to early morning in Manilla

A few weeks ago Manila had open atc, so I decided to do a long haul to Manilla overnight. I choose the real world route Seattle to Manilla which is served by a Philippine Airlines A350. As I always do, I did this flight on the expert server. Here are the photos!

Turning to the west after departure from Seattle.

Passing over the Aleutian Islands a few hours into the flight.

Passing Tokyo on our right.

Reaching the first of the Philippine islands.

Descending over Laguna De Bay.

Interesting wing view as we near the city of Manilla.

Gear down for final approach on Manilla runway 06.

Wing view on final.

Smooth touchdown on runway 06 after 13 hours and 52 minutes of flight time.


Wow looked like an amazingly enjoyable flight 😎


Thanks! It was a very fun flight.

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Umm… I don’t think that is a real route. PA does not fly to Sea-Tac. Either way, great pictures, you have my like! 👍

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Manila to Seattle is scheduled to launch May 3rd, 2020, with the A350, but this may be affected by corona.


Or if United gets to them 👀


@Ishrion; what do you mean?

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Wait… Does that mean United wants to expand at KSEA? I hope that is the case. United already has a good amount of routes at LAX.

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Nah, they want to expand frequencies into Manila from Guam, but the authorities in Manila Airport are denying United’s request.

They simply want to block Philippine Airlines from adding more capacity into the U.S. such as Seattle because United isn’t able to expand into the Philippines.


The first couple are a bit dark, but nice job. Nice route good scenery. Hope this route doesn’t get delayed, but with Coronavirus most people probably won’t want to fly anyways

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