Late night flight

Flight 55 min gate to gate. Server expert. Route ENGM to ESSA.

Take off out of 01L

Cruise at 25000

Decent to ESSA

Landing at ESSA

At the gate at ESSA


Man, I love this livery


Nice shots there! Love the scenery of Scandinavia


The livery is so nice! Great shots

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Nice Shots, Love the Rednose!

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Hey! This is cool! Have you ever done an overnight flight before? They are kinda cool!

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No i really don’t like them because in crowded airports it scary 😂

Lol…go on Training Server if you are scared lol…can’t get violations unless you overspeed lol

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True but I like realistic but sometimes people on expert can be non realistic

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Ah okay. That’s fine

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Haven’t seen Norwegian in a while haha. Keep it up :).

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Thx man I will;)