Late night flight out of Newark

I never been to Newark before, so I decided to give it a try!

flight infomation

1 hour 35 mins
Expert Server
Landing VS -78 butter
Runways, 22R and 4L
United airline A320
Thanks for reading!


Okay! Enjoy this late night flight from Newark!

Thanks for making it to the end!
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  • Newark Airport
  • Chicago airport

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All custom views are from Free cam


Very nice! Don’t see too many night flight shots, good to see them:)

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pretty short flight so I did not have that many pictures to take

also Happy Birthday!

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In case you guys are wondering
All Then “custom” views are from the Free Cam

Happy Birthday!

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Awesome pictures! I really love the cockpit shots!

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Nice pictures! A few were a little hard to see, but you did a good job of including lights.

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My home airport! Love the images, keep up the great work!

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Love to see O’hare being used.
My home airport as well.

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Cool! I love pictures of cockpits at night whether it’s IRL or sims.

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