Late Morning Spotting @ EGKK/LGW

I’ve had these on my phone for a while now, been meaning to upload them. I went to Prague that day and took a selection of pictures looking out over the South terminal, from the No.1 lounge there. Apologies they aren’t better quality, I was missing my camera that day. :/

Many different airlines use the South terminal…

Emirates A380 taxiing after landing on 08R from DXB.

A SWISS A320 getting a pushback for departure to GVA, which was a relatively new route at the time.


The SWISS A320 start up and preparing to taxi, while a Norwegian 787-9 taxis after landing from KOAK (Oakland).


No A320 anymore… :(


A Monarch A321 taxiing for departure, in the @Bulba special livery… ;)

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 shortly after rotating from 08R departing to Orlando.


And finally - an Air Malta A320 in the retro livery getting a pushback for departure to MLA.


Bye spooky spookums. The Mustached A321 monarch livery is there. Good photos my friend. Especially the Movember livery one.


Haha thought you’d appreciate that…

Just a small note. The Swiss aircraft is Airbus A320-214 HB-IJK (MSN 596), so not an A319. All the same, some very nice shots!

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Thanks, alterations made. :)

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