Latam Old Livery (LAN) 787

Hello everyone, I created this feature for all my South American friends and for all the ones that loved LAN Airlines.

About LAN Airlines

LAN Airlines was a Chilean airline that operated a group of airlines in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, offering destinations in America, the Caribbean, Oceania and Europe. It had one of its main headquarters in Santiago, Metropolitan Region. Its base of operations was at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport.

Founded on March 5, 1929 by the Chilean government as the National Air Line, years later it became LAN Chile. After opening to different markets (which would lead to the creation of LAN Peru, LAN Ecuador, LAN Argentina and LAN Colombia), LAN Chile later changed its name and was renamed LAN Airlines in 2005.
As of May 5, 2016, it became LATAM Airlines after merging with the Brazilian airline TAM Líneas Aéreas.

My Opinion

I think this livery is very unique and full of history. The blue and grey colours make a really great and classy scheme. The star and the red line under it on the tail represents the Chilean flag. Having this livery in Infinite Flight would also bring more diversity to the sim as there are a lot of South American players. I know there is already the Latam 787-9 livery but I think we all agree on the fact that seeing this livery in IF, would be great.

Make sure to tell me what do you think of the livery and if you think it should be added. If you think so, think about voting for it! ;)

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