LATAM Chile 787-8 CC-BBH

The LATAM 787-8 is a necessary addition to Infinite Flight because not only is it a major component of LATAM Chile’s long-haul fleet, with 10 airframes in service alongside 18 of the 787-9 already in-game, it opens up new routes that may not necessarily be served by the 787-9. Routes that CC-BBH has flown on in the past week, per Flightradar24 include:


Additionally, LATAM flies its 787-8s from SCEL to YSSY, and the shortest member of the 787 family has the legs for nonstop flights to LEMD, NZAA and YMML. Adding the LATAM 787-8 to Infinite Flight would not only expand the LATAM fleet, but it would also open up new transpacific and transatlantic routes flown by no other Latin American airline, as well as adding a new livery to the often-overlooked 787-8.

Hello! Friend, there is already a topic for the B788 from Latam. Unless the old thread is closed by moderation, you can vote and comment on it (link below).