LATAM Boeing 787-8

Hello guys. There are some liveries that are definitely missing on the 787-8. Infinite flight developers seem to almost have forgotten to add liveries on the 787-8. But here’s a cool one that’s been left out

**About LATAM Chile **

Hi, there is already a thread for this.


I was looking for it so my request won’t be duplicated and couldn’t find a Latam b787 thread. So I decided to made one thinking that no one had requested this livery

It might be hard to find pre-existing topics. As you can see, your’ topic name is just ‘LATAM Boeing 787-8’ but there might be pre-existing topics with a different title, like the one linked above that says ‘B787-8 LATAM Airlines CC-BBC’ so next time, try different search words such as ‘Airline’ or something like that

Yeah I’ll try. But I did search latam 787 and didn’t see a result. So I thought I was the first one to request the livery

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