LATAM (B789) Trip Report

I recently went on a flight; LA800 YSSY - NZAA (SYD-AKL). It was on a 787-9 Dreamliner, this plane usually serves LATAM’s route: Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-Auckland (etc). I was in economy (Seat 36A). The meal was average, the flight attendants were nice and the In-Flight entertainment had good variety. It departed on time (best of all it was only 2hrs, 1 and a half hours shorter than normal. The legroom was pretty good for a 2hr (usually 3hr) Flight. But if you were going to Santiago, I don’t thik the legroom would be a good enough size for that long journey. The plane was great, as always with Dreamliner, the cabin lights and mood lighting were really comforting. The large windows of the Dreamliner were great for looking at scenery (when there was some) and let a lot of natural light in. The window tint is great, instead of window shades.


Our plane - Boeing 787-9 CC-BGKAir China Boeing 787 (-9 I believe, correct me if I’m wrong)At NZAA (AKL) Airport… Our Dreamliner and an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER (I believe) Waiting for permission to pushback, while we see two Airbus A330’s. One from Qantas and one from China Airlines

#cloudsurfinDescending into NZAA’s airspace0C5FF6F0-0707-40DF-B116-8892BF12B803 Taxiing onto RWY 34L, cleared for T/O5BC2FA17-73F9-48E1-80BA-B59F40B60947Intercepting the localiser at NZAA
Crossing Runway 07/25 @ YSSYCA900015-6ACC-45F9-B26B-70B50747A61EBeautiful Scenic approach into New Zealand18335D8D-11E2-4519-9993-7BE877B1000AOn the glideslope and cleared to land!Window tinted slightly @ FL380Taxiing off the runway at AKLPark Brake SetAir New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER loadingLuggage is unloadedGround Crew Busy as our Dreamliner is being hit by the nice sunny weather
Finally, Air NZ 777-200ER

Overall great trip, would recommend to anyone flying to Santiago ( AKL or SYD)


Sorry, Pictures we’re uploading while I accidentally posted. Will upload them again

update: All posted


That is most definitely a -9 😉

Yes it is, I looked up the rego (ZK-OKF). Nice find of the old livery!

The Qantas A330 looks seriously awesome banking over the airport!
Love the wing pics, the 787 wings are beautiful. How was the 787 experience? Nice IFE, windows and more refreshing air conditioning (so I’ve heard)?

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Glad you enjoyed! This has always seemed like a odd route for LATAM to operate to me.
I have a question, did you choose LATAM because of the price, or was it because of something else?

Fun fact:

This is the same LATAM 787-9 that we have in Infinite Flight!


Wonderful trip report… I love the photos. Thanks for sharing! :)

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It was so relaxing and just comfortable, lucky I’m going on another one tomorrow 😃😁

No worries, glad you liked it!

What, really? I didn’t even notice that 😂

Because of the plane. Lol. Since I get to book the flights for my family I always choose A380’s, Dreamliners etc.


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