Latam at Sao Paulo

I got a short local flight in during the recent FNF when the hub was Sao Paulo, showing off its brand new 3D buildings!

What a difference the buildings make to airport screenshots now 🙂

Expert Server, Latam A319, callsign Tam229

Just arrived in and taxiing to the terminal…

The Photos…with a few enhancing tweaks in Google Photos :

Thanks for taking a look 😉


HeLLo wHo CaLLeD mE?

Very nice shots!


Must have been me then …thanks!

Pretty sure it’s an A319…

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Yes thanks! Need to edit that …🤭

Very beautiful! LATAM is my favorite airline here in Brazil. 👏

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Thanks! The Latam pilots will all surely be very pleased with the buildings at Sao Paulo ☺️

Gente, amazing shots here ! 🇧🇷

Can’t wait to see TAM A320/A321 there ^^

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Thanks, yes it’s a great looking airport especially with the high terrain visible around!