Hey all.
Just curious to know.
Would it be realistic to fly a LATAM 777-300ER route in the TAM livery? I know the TAM livery is being phased out in real life, but I’m curious to know if LATAM and TAM share aircraft?

Yes, because many of the aircraft still have the old livery. I have seen many recently

If I remember correctly, LATAM and TAM are the same thing now (its the merge of LAN and TAM). Some LATAM aircraft in Chile use the LAN callsign, whilst some in Brazil use the TAM callsign.

I’d say there’s no issues with using the TAM aircraft for a LATAM flight.


Forgot to add, I’m flying out of Santiago, which is the hub for LATAM Chile.

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Adam is correct


I have flown lan 787 from SBGR to LLBG IRL

It’s the same thing

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In which case (and you want to the ultra-realistic) no. As far as I’m aware (and I could be wrong), none of LATAM’s 777’s fly out of Santiago as they’re based in Sao Paulo.

Otherwise, go for it! There’s nothing physically stopping you.

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They don’t use, but could anytime, as they share aircraft

LATAM Brazil only operates its B777 on Santiago for São Paulo flights and rarely seen, cargo. (both TAM and LATAM liveries are used).

LATAM Chile uses B787 on Sao Paulo for flights to Europe that need a connection or direct flights to SBGR.

So if you are heading to SBGR, yes, it would be realistic :)

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