Hello there! Today I present to you some screenshots from this past month. With the new scenery push being released just shy of a month ago, I figured it would be a great time to post some screenshots of the two airlines mentioned above. Additionally, I added some cockpit shots and a Brazilian city from above. I also included flight times for most of the pictures in case you want to try some of these routes all are realistic routes. Enjoy!

Cockpit of a LATAM Brasil operated A320 approaching Buenos Aires (SAEZ) after a flight from Recife (SBRF).
Total flight time: 6:18

LATAM Brasil operated A320 departing from Belem (SBBE) bound to Miami (KMIA)
Total Flight Time: 5:28

GOL 737-800 in the GOL+ livery approaching Sao Luis, Brazil (SBSL) after a flight from Rio (SBGL)
Total Flight Time: 2:59

City of Sao Luis from above

Another GOL 737-800 banking right after departing from Recife (SBRF) headed for Santiago (SCEL)
Total Flight Time: 6:28

LATAM Ecuador operated A319 departing from Cuenca (SECU) headed for Quito (SEQM)
Total Flight Time: 31 minutes

Cockpit picture of the same flight from picture #2 with an overview of the Bahamas at night)

Finally, the same GOL flight from picture #5 flying into the fading sunlight.

Well that wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed these puctures!


That’s on a whole other level in terms of quality… I don’t think I’ve seen something ever like that… Really great job!!!

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Why where you overspending @Lucas_Piedra on the second to last photo

These were shot in replay mode and there is a problem where the airspeed is represented as ground speed

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No worries 😉 buddy

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Are we going to ignore the fact that the cockpit looks very realistic and amazing in the first pic omg !!!
Btw, nice shots !


Wow! I really love the last picture! The plane in the shadow in front of the sun is very stunning! 😍

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It’s one of my favorites too!

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Love that GOL livery. Great photos.