LATAM Airlines

Is LATAM has copyright for Virtual Airline. I see some LATAM Virtual on the web but I’m not sure

Check this;


Yes, LATAM does have a copyright, so you cannot make a VA for it.

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Thanks for it

May I add that, if there’s a copyright, you can make one but not using copyrighted material. This sort of this has happened with Non Stop Virtual starting off as Lufthansa, but then renaming due to copyright.

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I thought that but my partners doesn’t want it like that but I will talk with them

There’s no real way around it. You can have similar characteristics and use their liveries (If I’m correct but I may be wrong.) As long as it’s not LATAM branded, you’re fine.

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Thank you a lot 😊

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No problem bro!

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Thanks for the help all! :)