Latam Airlines Brasil A319-112 PT-TPA

would it be really cool to have an A319 from Latam Brasil on the IF? so vote here to be able to enter the simulator

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We already have a LATAM A319 in Infinite Flight but under a different country registration:

If you want a Brazil reg - please vote here:

I agree, but move this to Features so we can vote.

I can’t put it there it doesn’t show up for me

This is because you are only TL1 (Basic), you need to be TL2 (Member) to post in #features.

Please refer to my reply above - there is already an active thread for a Brazil reg LATAM A319.

can i switch to TL2?

No point in creating a feature request for a specific registration if we’ve already got the livery in app. Certain registrations whether the liveries be special or not are often chosen due to the vast availability of photos that are out there for reference when creating said livery.