LATAM A320/A319 Livery

I’ve noticed that the liveries have blue wingtips, but they are supposed to be red (inside)

Also, there’s no logo under the plane


Good evening, @Daniel_G!

Thank you for your detailed report!

The former, that being the wingtip issue, was reported in September of 2020. However, the topic in which it was reported, linked below, was closed by @system, so I don’t know if it was noted internally.

The latter, that being the missing logo on the belly, to my knowledge, has not been reported before.

Once a staff member sees this topic, it ought to be documented. So, hopefully, in a future update, this will be addressed.

Happy flying! ✈️

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Thank you!
Should I wait until a staff member sees this topic or should I mark your reply as a solution?

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You’re very welcome!

I don’t think my reply was necessarily the solution to this topic, and I assume a staff member will see this at some point as they’re constantly monitoring this category. But, if you wish, you can mark it as a solution.

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