LATAM A320-200 (New Livery)


You’re right, this livery should be probally added in the next update


You’re right, this livery should be probally added in the next update


Also like to see the B738 of Aerolíneas Argentinas in the IF; but at the moment I am accessing the Instagram of the IF every day in the hope of seeing the confirmation of this A320 of Latam, after all already has surpassed the 60 votes, right?


Well judging by the number of votes this livery-request has, i think you have nothing to worry about. But then again, some of the already confirmed liveries had very few votes so i dont know how the developers choose what livery to make next…


Sometimes I do not understand the FDS, for this reason to add liveries with few votes, and leave a beautiful livery equal this one from LATAM very well voted from outside.


Geez dude it literally blew up in the last 7 days. Give them some time.


Man, this is more anxiety. lol


You are right, we need 738 of Aerolíneas Argentinas too, hope to see LATAM A320


anxiety and nickname. @IFBR-Mauricio KKK


I hope they add soon, after all, it is the company with the largest South American fleet.


You’re right, they need to add this livery


Yes, it is a very large and influential airline! :)


No one understands anything else. liverys who have few votes being added in the IF.


Yeah, this may be the most voted livery on the community, and it needs to be added


I don’t understand why this livery is not added yet even though is the most voted. I’m checking the instagram page every day hoping for the post that confirms this.

My vote is for this one and for more south american liveries (LATAM, Avianca and Aerolíneas Argentinas, etc).


My friend, you are not the only one. A livery with so many votes deserves its place in the IF. I also go to Instagram every day in expectation of seeing the confirmation of this livery. 😕


Apoiado! Pra votar é só deixar o comentário mesmo? Tem todo o meu apoio, será uma grande conquista para os Sul Americanos que voam no Infinite Flight. :D


This is an epic livery! Hopefully in the next update, they’ll be launching this beast! Hopefully everyone votes and we can see it roll-out in the next update. Cheers guys!

Happy Landings! :)


now with the Aerolineas Argentinas 738 livery and GOL 738 livery we really need this one! More SouthAmerican liveries!


Friend, good comment, but I must remind you that everything written in this community must be in English; rules of the community. 😉