LATAM A320-200 (New Livery)


We need more Latam liveries


The If Brazilian community deserves to be added to if in upcoming updates. Brazilians are among the largest world communities in the IF and we only have a few aircraft from Brazilian airlines. Look with more affection for us please!


Just voted. Hoping to see this livery sometime in the future!


I approve this livery! would be good.


Surely you already have my vote! Beautiful livery on a most beautiful aircraft yet! and most importantly for us Brazilians.


I’m not Brazilian I’m actually from Ecuador but this is such a beautiful livery for just about anywhere to fly in South America!


Is there any chance we can see this livery next in the update? There more the better I suppose 😀


One more vote, for this livery!!


Largest South American Company!!!

I want this in IF


I economized my votes to vote for this livery, this livery has my vote.


We are struggling to bring to the IF, the company’s A320 with the largest fleet of South American airplanes, according to it was informed when the merger between Lan Chile and Tam was carried out. 😁👏👏👏


Come on, guys! Vote for another spectacular painting option for the 320!


Just voted great livery flew this airline in Argentina


Already with 51 votes, soon will be added as well.


This is one of the best liveries I’ve ever seen, please add!


Really cool South American livery! They should also add the Avianca livery along with the Latam´s!


We need this livery, especially for the South Americans!


And Aerolineas Argentinas is another to-add on the list for South Americans, hope this beautiful A320 gets added!


Yeah! It would be really nice to have more South American airlines…


I believe this is now the most voted livery request of the forum. If this remains like this, there is a high probability that we might see this livery sometime in the next few updates.