LATAM A320-200 (New Livery)


Hello guys!

I, along with several virtual pilots of the IF in Brazil, would like very much to have a livery of Latam Brazil like this one in the photo. With the Global coming, for the South Americans it will be of great value.

If you liked the idea, vote for the proposal and leave your comment. ;)

Credits to Jaka

Note: This aircraft is not the Airbus A320Neo.

LATAM Airlines - A321-200
Avianca A321
GOL 737-800 (Livery Voa Canarinho 2018)

Wish I had votes, Awesome Livery


@Dalmo_Cabral what do you think? Approve the idea?


Yay! LATAM is my favorite airliner company! :D
+1 vote


Thanks for the support. Hopefully we can be taken care of, right? :D


This livery is beautiful.


This livery would be great and widen the area we can fly the A320 “realistically” in Global. Just wish I had more votes!


Já tem o meu voto. mais um para nós brasileiros


I really want to fly with this plane at Global. I imagine that almost every day. 😃


Looks good and I have some votes.


Do not let the dream die, people!
We have 15 votes! 😃
Keep voting.


This is a great livery! I flyed on this plane a month ago, it’s very beautiful!


I believe that the largest airline in Latin America deserves much more than just the B789 in the IF hangar.


YES! This is a definite vote! I want to travel to Peru in this!


I liked the idea!! My vote is already guaranteed !! ;)


Looks nice, would love to have! It would also be a nice addition to have here at the LATAM VA as well.


I would like to add that LATAM haves more than 160 A320 on service and more than 200 of the a320 family.


In this update I had today, I could not fail to check the A320. It goes that they have added this Latam livery.
The important thing is not to lose hope, right? 😉


LATAM is the South American Air New Zealand

operate A320, 787

and got sharp nice livery


Mauritius you have my vote!