LATAM 1160 - From the City of Red Roofs to the City of Island Hills

Hi All,
I haven’t made a screenshots topic in a very looong time, but I’ve been trying to improve my “craft.” Feedback is appreciated and I would love to know what y’all think.

I did this flight from Punta Arenas in Southern Chile (SCCI) to Santiago (SCEL) in Central Chile.
Flight time was 2:36,
Time of day was sunset
And of course the aircraft was the gorgeous LATAM A320.

So without further ado, (sorry for rambling about) he are the pictures…

This first one is while I was overflying Patagonia. I used free cam for all these pictures by the way

This might be my favorite! Banking into the golden mountains surrounding Santiago.

Here I am on final approach with a fellow A320… I tried to capture the scenery and both planes which was a real challenge for me.

And last but maybe not least?
Is at the parking garage with a few airplanes. Which one doesn’t fit in?

So that’s all! If you liked them, great, if you didn’t, that’s alright. I’m still trying to get better at things like this. Hope everyone is having a stellar day and that’s all from me.



Liking the lighting on this one! Nice shots :)


Thanks @Aero!!!

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The jet airways: helo

Great shots!


Wow! That looked like a parallel landing 😍

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that parallel landing looks muy bien, and i might i say, the mountains in that picture look painted on, it’s just beautiful!

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Yup that was one of my favorite parallel landings I’ve ever done… Thanks for the kind words @AlaskaAirfireball111, @Captain_Ry!