Last week's flights

These are last week’s leisure time flights. I like to fly in the day time but I had to try my best moon shot

1:46 flight time.
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While leaving Sao Paulo traffic is visible below you have a landing take off and taxiing to gate.

1:37 flight time.
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1:56 flight time.
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1:21 flight time.

On this last flight I left Melbourne’s beautiful scenery behind to try and land the 717 in Sydney, I made it to the gate and upon shutting my engines down. I got to witness a smooth touchdown by @AviNerd


Nice photos! Love to see people using (or at least trying to) the 717 :)


Hard to land but I made it. Needs a rework for it’s physical performance.

Nice shots, I’d say this is my favorite:

Btw, you are so brave

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Why did SBGR-SBGL last 1:46 lol
It should be like 45 minutes long

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Not so sure why that is but , descending i take my time to avoid over speed violations

Descending slow won’t add an hour of flight time tho

Did you check the FT on the replay page or logbook?

I’m using the replay time, and yes in the logbook I took 1:02. In the replay mode takes into account the whole time you spent on air and ground. I think.

yup, the replay takes the ground time into account, so that explains it

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Just correcting you, I think São Paulo is SBGR and Galeao is SBGL

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I think for future post I’ll instead put it as duration time not to confuse for actual flight time lol

Sao Paolo to Rio

I love the 717 (especially to land) because it sorta lands for you even tho it hits the ground like this:

@TheGynSpotter is correct

the airport codes are SBGR and SBGL, not SGBR and SGBL

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I was saying that the airport ICAO of Sao Paulo and Rio is wrong, it should be SBGR and SBGL.

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My mistake typo while I was creating the post. Just noticed that.