Last Update Of The Year

Hey IFC! I was curious if 22.8 was the last update of the year, or if we are going to have a 22.9 and that will be the last update of the year? Thanks!


To my knowledge, 22.8 was the last update of the year.


That’s what I was thinking but someone was telling me there is going to be a 22.9

Unless this “someone” is an official staff member, do not trust them.


That is why I can here lol

Would you send out a bunch of brand-new code right before the holidays, risking something breaking?


I suppose this is considered a career death wish

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I was 99% sure that 22.8 was the last update of the year, but in the blog post it didn’t say it was, so I wanted to confirm that it was.

It’s in the blog update

As we near the end of the year, we have some development news to share! Infinite Flight 22.8 is in the works and there are several things to note. First, this release is expected to include the Embraer E190 along with a brand-new selection of liveries.

We’re also shipping a lot of behind-the-scenes changes with 22.8 that include updates to our technology stack. These updates will help improve the overall performance and functionality of the app.

The nightmare before Christmas

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Where in the blog did it say it wasn’t the last update of the year?

Good question

“In Infinite Flight 22.8, we are excited to bring a range of new features and improvements to enhance your flight simulation experience. As the Embraer E190 joins its E175 counterpart in the fleet, users can enjoy 27 new and exciting liveries while they explore the Infinite Flight skies!”

That is what the top says, and doesn’t say it is the last update of the year. I figured it was but was wanted to make sure.

They normally tend to push an update out after releasing a new or reworked aircraft, and it normally contains new 3D airports, bug fixes, and new liveries. So we may just get one before the end of 2022 but then again the holidays are approaching so i wouldn’t say so. I have no problem waiting till early 2023.

That’s a wrap on updates for the year, folks! There may be a hotfix, but we’re winding down to enjoy the holidays now.

We’ll be back in early 2023 with some cool new updates. Happy holidays until then!


Ooo thanks for the message.

I’m excited for 2023 updates.

Thank you Cameron! After all the great work this year I think it’s time for a well deserved rest. Most updates ever in a year 🫣 so yeah, defo well deserved 😂

Whaaaaaaat so you mean no 22.9? Sad noises…


Okay fineeee Dan, I’ll send you the code and you can handle the release


Ehhh, if you want me to completely break everything then sure let’s do it :D