Last trip of spotting 2020 @ KDFW

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my horrible spotting photos. But I’ll stop typing and show the pics.

Alien A220 passing on ES from DTW!

NEOOOOOOOO from San Jose Del Cabo SJD

UPS 767-300 being loaded up for somewhere

Here’s another UPS 767 off to one of Alaska’s hub

Here’s a nice UPS tail lineup and the A300 bombing it

a great unleavened photo of aircrafts of AA holding short of 18L.

Here’s a Qatari A35K A7-ANM a couple days back on final for 35C and I did the best editing I could.


And of my worst photos, the American 787-9 on a cargo flight HORRIBLY BACKLIT, from Beijing.

I hope you liked the photos even though they aren’t very good. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism.

Thanks for staying, have a good one!

Which one was your favorite?
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These are far from horrible. Have some confidence!

Great pictures!


Thanks so much Alec!


They are not bad at all, especially because you have some A220s !


Appreciate it!

These are the opposite of horrible! They are very nice!

Are you shooting through the fence in the first three?

Thank you!

Yeah I am, first time trying it out

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I see, I went there and stood on top of my car and even with an SUV I couldn’t get all the way over.

Yeah I’ve tried doing that near the dirt road but I get shots like thos!

So I went up to fence but since I went on Tuesday cops kicked me out


idk why they do this, its a fence for a reason, and its not like you are causing harm or trying to.

Great pics.

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OOH Those Pics are amazing!

Thanks, appreciate it!

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Thanks LAMO lol

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Sweet catches man! Especially that A350!

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Thank you!

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Greats shots! Hoping to see one day that a220 on if! :)

Sorry I cant seem to find any horrible photos anywhere. Loved all the shots especially the Qatar A35K!

Thanks! We all hope to see it by 2022 :)