Last Transall + Some Airshow Panning @LFFQ

Heyyyyyy IFC :)

Today, I went to my first airshow! Yes, I am an avgeek, and having done my first now, I feel like someone who just got their first dose of covid vaccine 🥴


Here are some pics.

I have 1880, so please answer honestly

If i post another part, would you check it out?

  • yes
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Ok let’s go!

A little green tri-plane

A bonanza on the next level

A Trojan (the plane) with some nice proptrails

A local aerobatics team

An A400M doing some tactical display things (I have many many more pics if you are interested)

Some Air France DC-3 action for @butter_boi and everyone else who likes retro :)

Some kaboom stuff with T-6s

A beautiful catalina, one of my favorite amphibian planes!

Some Rafale tactical display which made car alarms go off 👉😬👈

Patrouille de France being French

The Last Public Transall Demo

This one makes me sad, the Transall has been a workhorse for european military, saving countless lives in warzones and being an absolute unit overall. Today was it’s last ever public presentation, which included a STOL grass landing and takeoff.

Last but most, this shot of the Transall doing it’s last ever takeoff at an airshow.

Anyone else here like this legendary plane?

Spoilers but not really spoiling anything

These pics are all shot at 24MP so if you still aren’t happy with it, click on the picture for the full quality.

Please do not steal any pictures, they are mine, you can repost with credit though.

I’m kinda done with spoilers there were just 2🥴

Stay Safe!

Wear a mask!

Do not make the comment area a warzone regarding the use of the A400 in recent conflicts, I just wanted to share my pics, thanks!

Thank You!



Awesome pictures! It’s cool seeing all those planes. Thanks for sharing!

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Normandy type beat


Wait did you see Laura as I think she was there, too 👀 ?

And as always nice pictures !

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You guys don’t go through all your pics after after the spotting session and delete all of them you don’t want to keep? 🤨

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That’s a Fokker DR-1.

Anyway awesome photos Bobertine!

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i had 2300

I did not see her but maybe she saw me?

@Laura were you there?

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Check out here IG account

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I wish we had met 😭


I’ll be right back imma check if she’s still there 💀

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You could have told her to add more retro aircraft 💀

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Knowing how well i talk in front of celebrities I’d be like

“you are retro, you should aircraft some more”

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I took 1,000+ at the Barksdale Air Show and kept like 40 🤨

idk why you are saying that. We are different spotters. We were at different airshows. Maybe the lighting here was better, so I kept more, or maybe you have higher standards! Maybe i just take more good pics per amount of pics than you, it really doesn’t matter. Maybe the airshow lasted longer here than it did there, it still doesn’t matter. All I’m saying is i have 1800 shots left. That’s it.

I like the A400M

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Thanks, it’s a really cool bird!

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