Last Time You Crashed?

So, I was wondering; what was the last time you crashed on a full professional flight?
Mine was about 1.5 years ago (when I first joined).

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Probably last week Jk

Last week for me lol

I had a calibration issue when I was on final

Im gonna guess in around 2 hours from now…


Last time i crashed was in late 2022 during an attempted launch to space

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Last night, I fell asleep during a long haul from my friends event I was in a B757 fully loaded with fuel
It was
And I fell asleep ran out of fuel and crashed in Denver

Honestly… I think spring of 2022

That far???

It was only a 7 hour flight so the last 3 hours of fuel got me to Denver

8 Months ago. Decided to fall asleep and we all know how that goes.

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I crashed a couple of weeks ago near the end of runway 34R at Seattle because I ran out of fuel.

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Today!!! not a crash but bugs
first time, ATC sound don’t work
restarted the app
second time pushback bug ( say I have to disable all ground service but I did that)
restarted the app
Worked fine after 😑
last crash was 2 days ago I think

Ever flown the A10?

It will bite you when you least expect it if you don’t monitor it properly.

A month ago when attempting the R-2508 complex in California (USAF training route, similar to the Mach loop) while flying at Mach one

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