Last Summer Getaway with Big Bear VA @ L35 - 031900ZSEP16

Well folks, summer is almost over, but there’s still time for one last weekend getaway. Join us this weekend for one last trip down to Mexico. :)

Server: Training 2

Region: Southern California

Airport: L35

Time: 1900Z - 12:00 PM PDT

NOTAM: Spawn in at L35 at around 19:00Z. From L35 we will head to LAX and stop for a few minutes on our way to TIJ/MMTJ. (WE ARE NOT DOING TOUCH AND GOES!) After a few minutes we will then head down to TIJ/MMTJ, and from there back to Big Bear

Please use these flight plans:

L35-LAX. 12,000 MSL, 280 KIAS
LAX-TIJ. 25,000 MSL, 320 KIAS
TIJ-L35. 23,000 MSL, 320 KIAS

Event is sponsored by:

P.S. If you’d like to join our VA, pleas shoot me a PM with your email address and I’ll invite you. Thanks :)


I’ll be there wink wink

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You might want to change the landing from runway 28 to runway 06 because 06 has the river visual and an easier approach.

And what aircraft

Any aircraft as long as it’s smaller than an A320

At what airport

also @golferryan you should also put a cruising altitude and speed for each route :)

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L35 (Big Bear)

Is anyone else coming

There’s still 3 more days until the event, they always come on the day of the event

Oh ok. Filling the 10 characters

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1 more day!

You may be right. I will come along in a flybe dash 8 as Jersy 2016

1 more hour!

50 minutes!

30 minutes!

20 minute!

15 minutes!

10 minutes!

5 minutes! Last chance to come at L35