Last spotting trip of 2022

Now I know you might be asking yourself “This is the third spotting topic he’s created over the last week and some, how many times is he going to go to the airport?!?” and I’m here to say that this was the last one for 2022. SWA’s Freedom One did not show up, instead choosing to fly all along the West Coast of the United States.

However, what did show up (albeit late from Atlanta for reasons unknown, but my guess is rain), is the Delta 767-300ER that would carry the Carolina Panthers to Tampa Bay for a playoff make-or-break game against the Bucs. After some very, very basic editing (no Adobe Lightroom or nothing), this was the end result.

I must say I am quite pleased with the result.

We were not planning on staying for their departure, but that proved to be a lie, as indicated by this photo:


Nice shots! Can’t go wrong with some wing vapour.

You really can’t, but this wasn’t really wing vapor, this was whole clouds 😂 or so it seemed

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Yeah could also be that. Not an expert on that sort of thing xD.

The first one is realy cool! Nice shots.

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