Last Spotting Session of The Summer | @KDEN | 8/15/20 pt.1

Hello Everyone,
With this being my last weekend before school starts and my only free weekend since May. I decided why not spend one of my last few days of summer spotting. So today I went out to DEN for 3 hours to do some spotting. Got some good stuff today. Lighting was good for the most part. The sky was a bit hazy from the wildfires out west. So here are my pictures. Enjoy :)

United 777-200 climbing out of DEN heading down south to Houston

United 757-200 arriving from Newark 20 minutes early

American Airlines 737-800 rotating out of Runway 25 at DEN heading down south to Dallas

Delta A220/CS100 climbing out of DEN heading to Salt Lake City

Denver Air Connection DoJet climbing out of DEN to who knows where

A rather interesting airline/aircraft here. Northern Air Cargo 737-400 taking off out of 25 at DEN heading down east to Cincinnati

Volaris A320Neo with a steep and early rotation heading down to Guadalajara

Southwest 737-700 taking off out of 25 heading out west to Sacramento

Southwest 737-800 rocking the canyon blue livery heading down to San Diego @Luke_Sta

United A319 rocking the Evo Blue livery climbing out of DEN heading to Salt Lake City

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i
Lenses: Canon 75-300mm & Sigma 100-400mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic

Photography Info



Thanks for Viewing!

As always please don’t use these without my permission


Good luck on your schooling

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Linking the JP with one photo up is a power move.


Yes it is. Gotta get the views up 🤝


Thank you!

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Beautiful Photos Tyler!

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Awesome photos! Will to have in person or online school?


My school is doing a hybrid. But we start next week with just two days of school to meet our teachers and that stuff. Then online through Labor Day. Then hybrid for who knows how long

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Awesome pictures! I start school on monday in person.

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I went spotting at Denver today. I also saw a 777 heading to Houston

Awesome! What time were you there?

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10am to 3pm

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Nice. I was there from 9-12. If you ever saw a dude with a white shirt and a blue hat on standing out in an open area outside of the final approach food court then that was me

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I think I saw you. I got Food at 10 and saw somebody taking photos of planes. I think it was you

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You’ve spotted a spotter who was spotting at what looks to be a good spot to spot, by the looks of this spotting topic.


It is a good spot. I’d say it’s one of if not the best spot at DEN. Lighting is pretty good for the most part too.


Well… Soms really, really stunning pictures. Especially the A220, B777 and the rather rare Dornier one are really amazing.
Thanks for sharing!


Ayyy, the reason why me and my fellow west-slopers can barely breathe out here!

I’ve gotta say, it seems some your best photos are either of UA 772s or Delta CS100s.


Very clean shots, nice work!

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