Last spotting in 2019 @ENGM

Yesterday morning I went to Oslo airport for some sunrise shots. The east side of the airport is not accessible with car so had to walk a couple of miles through forest and along an old WW2 airstrip to get to the right place. Spotted both moose and deer along my route 🙂

After a couple of hours here I went to the west side. As you can see in the photos it was a nice day!

Some highlights

  • Brand new Turkish A321-271NX Delivered Dec. 28
  • Thomas Cook A330 operated by Sunclass.
  • Qatar 777-FDZ
  • Citation Latitude Air ambulance

Camera: Canon EOS 700d
Lens: Canon 55-250 IS

Hope you enjoy!

Brand new Turkish A321-271NX delivered only a few days ago. On short final rwy 01R

Norwegian Air Sweden 🤨 Boeing 737-800 arriving from Vilnius

Norwegian Boeing 737-800. Unpainted arriving from Stockholm. 44 mins flight

Smartlynx A320-214 flying for Norwegian. 24 year old airframe

KLM Cityhopper Embraer 190 lining up rwy 01R bound for Amsterdam

Thomas Cook A330-343 Operated by Sunclass airlines arriving from Helsinki

1 year old Qatar Boeing 777-FDZ arriving from Luxembourg. On short final rwy 01L
Reg. A7-BFN

Leonardo AW169. One of the new Police helicopters on final rwy 01L. It flew the approach and final like all the fixed wings, kind of unusual to see.

Babcock Scandinavian Air ambulance Cessna 680A Citation Latitude arriving from Trondheim.

NetJets Europe Embraer Phenom 300 on short final rwy 01L


Nice Shots!


Norwegian takes Eurowhite to a new level there…

Nice shots with really nice colours! Thanks for sharing


Yeah I know! 😅 Not sure what’s up with all the white norwegian aircrafts. Stripped for paint before sale? Repainting?

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Wow. Great shots 🥶 (Cold)

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Probably rather short-term leases (both Wet lease (e.g. SmartLynx) and probably dry leave (e.g. the B737).

Doesn’t make the best outside impression though…


Yeah, a cold experience! But good clothes and motivation keeps you warm lol.

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Found news articles saying Norwegian sold 5 aircraft to Aircraft recycling International to increase liquidity.

That Qatar 777 is CRISP 😯👍😀 Nice shots man!


Crisp weather too 😅

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Beautiful Shots. Love the contrast with the Smartlynx A320-214 and the orange trees in the background ✨

Also it’s great to see our neighbors to the West got snow over New Years. It’s pretty dry over here… 😐

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Thanks man!

We’ve got snow but it’s actually not much compared to how much it use to be this time of year. Expecting more this month.

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The reason they’ve leased aircraft is the problems with the B737 MAX and also engine problems on the Dreamliner.

I think I was on the exact same location when I spotted the last SAS B736 landing. Freezing cold and dark.

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Yeah, I know. Spotted four 737 Max parked outside Norwegian maintenance hangar.
But a number of 737-800 owned by Norwegian are all white.

Cool. This place is not used by many spotters, but there is a popular spotting location right across the runway from where I was.

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Theyre supposed to be sold, at least according to, but they haven’t been sold yet due to the MAX problems, so they are flying unpainted all around, in addition to LN-NGD there is LN-NGE, which is also all white, most Norwegian aircraft registered LN-NG* are sold

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That makes sense. Thanks for the info Jens!

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It also seems like Norwegian started a new subsidiary in Sweden, and that’s why they have lots of Swedish registered planes, more than that I don’t know

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They had earlier Norwegian registrations

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Such a beautiful background!
Great shots Andre!

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Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

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