Last Selected IF Pro plane still available after subscription ends

Wow! A month has passed and my “check out this new game” subscription is over, and I’m probably going to re-up for a longer sub! So much fun!

What’s the bug? The last plane I flew before my subscription ended was the IF Pro locked 767 in beautiful Hawaiian Airlines livery. Once I moved to solo, my 767 was still the selected plane and I was able to load in and fly it!

I closed out IF completely and reloaded and the plane was still available to fly!

I’m not saying it should be fixed immediately, y’all should take your time if you decide to patch, but I figured I’d let someone know since it’s a bug.

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What a nice tip. I believe they’ll take care of it as fast as Concorde was.


Haha, I’m sure. Better get my flights in now!

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Honesty gets you a lot of places!

Why you like the kid in school that reminds the teacher that there is homework.

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Thanks for the report.