Last saturday was a badder day @KRDU

I went spotting at rdu. the time was slow and nothing was going on lol. here are my pictures. if you did not know, the title rhymes.

American eagle E175: N772MR

Southwest 737-7: N919WN

the squirrel on service(FR A320 (N332FR) )

how do you say this airline? i say uh-vel-o (N806VL)

Thanks for viewing!

what was your favorite one???

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now don’t waist ur time on this lol


Hopefully some more airlines next time. Your airport is so lucky to have 3 transatlantic flights this summer.

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yeah. i am closer to ORF, but i spot here a lot cause my family takes a 2 and a half hour drive up here a lot

o have more photos but they weren’t to good

funny thing was that the sunday after these were taken was a rly busy day here 😅


thing is, I can only spot on the little area where the north runway is, which is a horrible spot.

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wheres that

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the little outdoor building, don’t you know?

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I think I know what youre talking about

you can across lumley and go right up to the fence you know, thats what I do and airport security just waves and drives past

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no, the designated spotting place where families go?

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ohhhh i know what you mean

yea that place sucks

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nah it’s pretty good

the one that had a ramp?

the spot i’m talking about

observation deck


yeah o took this at the observation deck

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yeah, but you can’t see gates, nor first takeoff at that location, nor can you see south arrivals and takeoffs


true and that’s why you have the parking deck

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parking deck is wonderful but the zoom ruins my photos

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