Last Private flight in the Citation X

Hey everyone this will be my last private flight i will ever do in the Citation X in Infinite Flight. This aircraft did a good run and as a tribute I did a short hop from Felipe Ángeles International Airport and head east to Miami International Airport. It was a fun 2 hours and 48 minutes flight crusing at 45,000ft. Here are some photots of my flight, and I want to thank Infinite Flight for the Citation X and I can’t wait for the Challenger 350.

Flight Time: 2 hours and 48 minutes.
Route: MMSM to KMIA.
Crusing Altitude: 45,000ft.
Citation X Private 3 Livery.
Exper Server.

Loading up at FBO Stand 708 early morning.

My Departure on runway 4L at Felipe Ángeles International.

Cabin view of the Sunrise in Citation X.

Landing on runway 8L at Miami International.

Parked at Concourse D Gate D20 at Miami International.


Wow! I love all the shots, especially the 3rd to last one. I didn’t do a ton of flying using the Citation X, but maybe I should soon, given the impending Challenger.

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Nice! I am doing one final Citation X flight from “my base” back to Wichita, KS. As a final farewell and prep for the CL350.

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The Citation X is definitely a beauty. I never get tired of seeing them at my job. The C350 has definitely grown on me.


My tribute would be short and sweet, Las Vegas to my home of Los Angeles.