Last Plane Added

Wondering which plane was added most recently and when?!

The 747 series was added on Dec 6 2014

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Wow that’s like 3/4s of a year

The Boeing 747-8. :)

The last wholly reworked aircraft is the 747 series, on 06 Dec 2014.
The last added aircraft is the Cessna Citation X, on 14 Sep 2014.
The last updated aircraft is the 737-BBJ, on 26 Aug 2015.

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Thanks for the information!

We have updated our aircraft production process significantly this year this is why it is taking longer. Quality comes at a price :)


We rather have quality then it coming out quick :)

They’re adding 3 and possibly 4 flight models with many liveries. That, Autoland, and the other new features coming with the A320 Family must make for a longer release time

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And that’s why I’m saving up my money! :)

I wasn’t complaining about the wait. The question was just out of curiosity. Thanks again for the answers!