Last Night's Flight: KLAX - CYYZ

I had a wonderful flight last night flying from KLAX (Los Angeles International) to CYYZ (Canada - Toronto Pearson), here are some screenshots from the replay.

The flight number was Air Canada (ACA) 788, the closest flight to the real world flight time, but I left 30 mins before schedule. Flight time was approx. 4 hours and we had a strong tailwind the whole way. The equipment I used was an a321 because of the Live Cockpit as apposed to a 777-233LR used on the real service.

Flight plan was made with SimBrief and FPLtoIF.


Lining up KLAX 24L

Cruise- Near Denver

Approach CYYZ 33R


Strange that your FPL brought you near Boston, looks a lot more mountainous than I remember too.

The pictures are great nonetheless :)

Now how on earth did I mess that up- I meant Denver. My brain does weird things sometimes😂 you can tell I’m not an American


A321 over a 777?! Oh, nononono. NEVER. Lol. I like your pics tho, night flights are awesome! Gr8 pics!


I know I know, I commited a crime agaisnt my fellow Boeing Brethren. If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going. Mr Muilenburg, forgive me.


Lol great pics but I’m gonna have to stop you right there that’s a lot of damage towards Boeing although the live cockpit is a relief for the A320 family. Great pics especially that mountain range.


I was about to say, you went over Boston to Vancouver? I don’t know Canadian ICAO codes.

Great photos!

Amazing Photos! I especially love the second to last one! 😌

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