Last Minute Lineup Landings Mania @ KMMT - 191317ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KMMT

Time: 1317Z

NOTAM: Show up in a jetliner please.

This Sunday, yes this Sunday, we’re going to do a last minute lineup mania. Basically what last minute lineup is is coming in perpendicular to the runway, far enough so you have distance from the airport. That just means don’t fly over the airport on final. Then you complete a 90 degree turn towards the runway, and lineup seconds before minimums.

Show up in any desired jetliner and meet me at KMMT in the Charlotte region at 9:15am New York time. We will fly to KCLT and execute our last minute lineups. This does not mean make your way to the end of the runway path visible on the map. I’m talking about just a couple miles before the beginning of the runway at the airport.

This will be a challenging thing that will require your entire brain to execute. It requires being able to turn the aircraft manually and still descending slightly in the process. Afterwards it requires straightening the nose and being able to think quick so you’re not still lining up twenty feet above the ground.

I hope some of you will be able to attend this challenging time.


Anyone showing up to the event? I’ll have an example last minute landing tomorrow morning or later tonight.

I will most likely be there

I think I will fly a Boeing 757-200 if that is okay

Any jetliner (basically any commercial/commercial converted freight aircraft including the Dash) is welcome. I will be flying the Triple 7 Freight plane. You flying the 757 is fine.

Alright thanks

Do these all the time lol (KLGA visual)

Last Minute Lineup

Here’s the last minute lineup video that had problems yesterday, now not having problems.

Also, I need ATC for the event, so that in case while we’re attempting our last minute lineups there isn’t some sparse dude just happening to also be on final at KCLT. Only Tower and Ground at KCLT is needed, which means just one controller. USE THE EVENT IN PROGRESS MESSAGE!

Also, I won’t need my alternate account anymore, because I found out that the reason I couldn’t get into my account on my other devices was due to the password and the specific device I tried using.

I’ll be gone until around 1305Z, so stay put til then.

Headed on the game now.

Everyone was so late!

Looks like a collision, right. It wasn’t, it was a successful landing, I probably landed on my right landing gear.

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