Last minute fun..Before our upgrade!

Took the beautiful Super Decathlon out for my last flight with @Xentorogamingyt before they get grounded 😜

Saint Maarten - Training server - Formation Pattern - Flight Time 10 Minutes

Enjoy the Art!


It was a very good flight 😃

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Why wasnt i invited?


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I’ll slide into your DM’s next time 😭

So sorry 😘

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find the best pictures of the day, good job

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Thank you very much sir!

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Nice! How do you fly that thing though!?

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I’m the only one that flies in expert server with one of these things😂👎

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Since I heard the Xcub was coming been flying this a lot!! You get there…only issue is…when cross wind comes it does blow the plane off the runway easily!

@Xentorogamingyt forced me to fly on Training server…which I didn’t like but im a nice person

Was in a good mood today 😜

I really don’t fly it often so I’m not good at it. I’ll be flying it before it’s removed though.

Be quick! 😜

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Did they already take the dethacon out? I can’t find it!

Click on legacy aircraft and it should pop up.

At the bottom of the screen is says Show Legacy Airplanes!

Then scroll to the top and under the airbus family and there it is!

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click on the button that says “show legacy airplanes” in the aircraft selection menu.

Yeah. I’ll be making a whole video on this on my YouTube channel.


Go ahead and advertise here…cause why not lol

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I’m talking about how to fly it without instantly stalling :)