Last Milestone of 2021 for me

Hello fellow Pilots

This Year was another one in a Global Pandemic and we all faced some difficult times.
The more important is it to hold on the positive Things.

This Year I reached 6 Million XP.
My very last Milestone from this Year I reached a few Days ago:

10000hrs of flying

That equal to 416 Days of Airtime.

Thanks to everyone who made me love this Simulator and this Community so much.

I wish all of you a happy New Year and hopefully 2022 will be a good Year.

Best Wishes and always blue Skies



Congrats on the great achievement!

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Those are some INSANE achievements. I can’t even imagine having 10k hours. I currently have a lousy 700 lol.

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Huge Milestone Congrats!

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Huge congratulations Leah! That is incredible! Have a nice new year!

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