Last (?) Long haul before school

With school starting on Wednesday (From this second)! I decided to do my last(?) long haul before school starting. Which is EGLL to KDEN

At the gate with a PIA next to me

Wait for my turn to go takeoff

My turn!


See ya LHR

Cruising over the ocean

What a sunrise to wake up to!

Short final

Did a hard landing but made it, then my game crashed, all that work for nothing. But I hope you enjoy :>


Hey man. If you’re looking to still fly while in school I recommend you do 12 hour flight when school is in. Then when you get home you do homework then you finish the flight👍🏾

Before I had IF I was using RFS and I would always start a particular flight right before I go to bed. I would wake up, go to school, and then comeback with 2 hours to spare. It got me so many points 😂