Last location doesn't work

Since 23.3 came out the last location doesn’t work i did a flight to Sydney from Melbourne and after my flight it took me back to Melbourne i do have start at last location on in my settings

Your last location was Melbourne though…

Haha my bad, did not read that properly

@Lachlan1403 maybe its done off your starting location, not your ending location?

It is done from where you land

Before the update when you finished a flight it would make you spawn at the the airport you landed at now when i finished my flight it takes me back where i started it doesn’t make that much sense

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Hey there, can you make sure this is clicked in your settings?


Hey mate thanks but yeah i do have that on but it still doesn’t work

I have the same issue as you

Yeah i think its a bug because i was talking to my friend and he has the same thing

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With me it always sets me at a random gate at the corrected airport, but not the gate I parked at (And yes, the gate is large enough to accommodate my aircraft.)

Hey hey!

This issue is known and has been reported internally. For now, the workaround is to restart your app between flight sessions - Automatically Set Start Airport works in that case. At this time, though, it doesn’t bring you back to the start location where your previous flight ended.

I am having the same issue also

Hi yeah it looks like its a bug hopefully it gets fixed soon

Noted internally

Hey folks, we have identified this issue and a fix will come with our 23.3 hotfix. Hoping to release it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the report!