Last landing till grade 4 - @KLAS - 07JUL0140Z19

Who wants to do a short flight with me from KLAS to KLAX on training server to get my last landing until grade 4 right now?

I’ll come with ya

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👋👋👋👋👋 me I do, also this belongs in #live:groupflights

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Ok I’ll make route and stuff…

I need to leave now as I want to go pet some kittens. What gate and aircraft are you at?

Hey there, @AarkonTV!

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I’m at E15 with a continental DC 10

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Aye I’m next to you

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I’m so annoyed tho I got ghosted 3 days ago so technically I’ll have to wait for grade 4 but it will be my last landing anyway until my ghost goes away

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What should crusing speed and alt be?

I just did mine at YBBN this morning

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Cool! Dhdndn

What are the specs?

Um let’s go 34,000ft and what speed?

FL340??? It should be FL320 or FL300 because it’s a shorter flight. I am going at M.80. Starting to taxi to 26R

Ok FL32 dbhdsb

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Want me to make a flight plan? With this one we will be hitting mountains on descent

I’m going to stay at 295. Heading to the barn to pet kittens and yell back at goats. Cya in a few.

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It may be best to take this to a PM so we don’t clog up the forum.😁😉

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Did you guys leave yet?