Last Hurrah of the 757 | EKCH - BIKF

As we now know, the B757 rework draws nearer and nearer, with the rework now in the internal beta testing stage. I decided to try a flight on the 757 as a farewell to the original aircraft. I managed to drag along @SWA1997 with me on this 3 hour flight from Copenhagen in Denmark (EKCH) to Keflavik in Iceland (BIKF) on the Training Server. This flight is flown in the Icelandair 757, so we were able to fly to Iceland with the flag carriers livery. Enough chit chat, let’s get onto the photos! Enjoy!
captions correspond to the photos above them

Me and @SWA1997 parked at the appropriate gates, going through the start-up procedures

Me starting my takeoff roll, with @SWA1997 holding short.

SWA1997 lining up, while I’m passing 3,000 feet

Over the North Atlantic, with 2,000 feet of separation (don’t worry 😉)

The Icelandic Eastern coast, and the eastern front of the biggest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajökull

About to descend, over a lake in Iceland, that was the site of the first Icelandic parliaments!

Short final on runway 10 at Keflavik

After I had landed safely, SWA1997 had to go around!

Me and SWA1997 on the ramp, with a USAF C-17 landing

The beautiful tail of the Icelandair 757 (in my opinion)

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the photos! And a special thanks to @PilotA320 for providing ATC services at both Copenhagen and Keflavik!

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I finished my last 757 flight around yesterday or so! Last flight with old 757!


I love this airline, i want the special livery of Icelandair 🇮🇸

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The hekla aurora? Yeah me too

Beutiful photos i love the 757

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Very cool photos!
Can’t wait for the new 757!

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nice photos, again

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