Last golden hour in 2021 @EDDF

Hi there,
Today the weather was surprisingly good, so I just had to go to Frankfurt (EDDF) to take some last pictures in the year 2021!
And of course I had to stay till the golden hour :)
Because it was still quite cold there was almost no heat haze, which made for some good shots.

Setup: Canon Eos 200D + Tamron 18-400mm

This is D-AIUD being towed to the south of the airport (A320-200)

HL8077 touching down on 25L from Budapest (777F)

HZ-AK72 ready for departure to Riyadh (777F)

A6-DDE coming in from Chicago (777F)

4L-GEN from Tbilisi (747-2) and yes, the sky really was that weird

SU-TMG ( ex AirBerlin D-ABBG) from Hurghada (737-8)

D-AIGV being towed to the south (A340-3)

I mean, yeah I might’ve went overboard with lightroom but it’s a learning experience right?

Anyways I really hope you enjoyed my pics at least a bit😀
And a happy new year of course to you all!


Stunning shots! The a340 is by far my favorite. What a nice way to end the year! To 2022!

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Honestly, nothing I say can truly show how amazed I am at these shots…

Absolutely stunning shots, A340s are one of my soft spots, but they’re all great.

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