Last flight of an Icon (KLM B747-400)

Sadly the B747 has been announced, to get phased out from KLM service, very soon.
This shot is one last tribute to 49 years of service by the queen of the skies.

@Anshul28 , @Infinite_Qantas , @Tsumia and I have flown KLMs heavy one last time - this picture was taken on the flight.

Route: RKSI - EHAM
Server: Expert Server
Flight time: 11h

View unedited

unedited shot

Enjoy your day! :)


No plane will have ever made such an impact on the aviation industry than the mighty Boeing 747. I once heard this quote, I’m not sure where it’s from

“The Boeing 747 is so big that is cannot fly, the ground merely drops out from under it”

Get it? It made such a ground breaking impact😂


Lovely Shot!

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Nice shot! Do you add a lens flare or is this how the original photo looks like?

yeah I do, heres the original


This is just a beautiful shot of the blue queen, amazing job

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tysm ☺️☺️☺️

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That editing is top notch after comparing with the original pic. Great job!

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Goodbye to the KLM 747, and that’s an amazing photo too!

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Just a beautiful shot of the Dutch queen… so so so sad they’re off to the desert early. Loved that flight!

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Stunning picture! One week till the well earned retirement of this beauty. Thanks for sharing!

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wow thanks😲 added a „view unedited“ section below, for comparison

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tysm b boi🙃

The editing makes the picture look so much better. I really like it

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This is so good

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cool photo!

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