Last flight at Grade 4- Level up!


I am about to start my last flight at Grade 4, if anyone wants to come and fly with me i will be flying where it all started on TS1! And on one of the routes i used to fly the most on there. KPSP- KSAN

So ill be waiting for the next 10 minutes at KSPS Terminal Gate 3 waiting.

Flight level will be 12000 250-280KTS Flight time at least 20 Mins (to get over the 250hrs required for the level up.)

Call sign NJC151.

I hope to see you all there, feel free to copy my flight plan.


I would like to go there, but I dont fly in TS1 in Southern California.
Congratulations to reach grade 5, now you are an expert of infinite flight.


Are you done yet, if so congratulations on the achievement, refer to yourself as senior captain now that you are grade 5


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