[Last Chance] Romans in Geneva @ LIRF 52200ZMAR19

Server: Expert

Airport: LIRF


Time: 2019-03-07T23:00:00Z2019-03-08T00:15:00Z

NOTAM: Time is Approximate
Estimated flight time: 1:14
Use any Alitalia or Swiss aircraft
I will be an Alitalia A321 callsign TFC-023
We will park in the 600 apron
500 apron will be used for overflow
Copy my FPL
Fly 245 Kn under FL100
Start climb at 3000 V/S
Fly 300 Kn above FL100
Reduces V/S by 500 every 5,000 Ft after FL150
Cruising altitude FL300 at Mach .78
Descend at the 5th to the last waypoint at a speed of .70 or 200 Kn under FL280
Descend at 1500 V/S to 4,000 or where approach vectors you
Follow ATC instruction if ATC is Available
Follow me to parking

I Guess no one cares

Anyone? HELP

i would join, but the fact it’s at 23:00 is kind of off-putting 😂

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Sorry, that’s the time in Europe, but I’m in Texas so, what can I do.

I would advise, if you’re planning this as a large event, to schedule it at minimum a few days ahead, as opposed to the day of, so that pilots have time to plan and then join.

Sorry, this is really more of group flight

Oh- I see you’ve changed the category, good, make sure to do that in the future!

Ok, It was too far away this morning so I had to wait it out. Can you join @Yacht

well nothing really lol. Enjoy though!

Won’t be able to come, sorry!

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