(LAST CHANCE) Display Name Corrections

Greetings to whom it may pertain,
As many of you know we have been given a private RSVP server. You may remember you had to enter your display name. Some were not recognized and some were not unique. If your display name is listed below you need to PM me or @Thomas_Galvin.
I am sorry for everyone if this is clogging up the forum, but it’s not fair for the people who correctly filled out the form but don’t have a unique display name.

Not Found: IFFG Ben Tyson
Not Unique: Ian Harvey @Padi3_14
Not Unique: Alex
Not Found: ATC - Jack Jordan @Jack_Jordan
Not Unique: Narroc wim @Narroc_Wim
Not Unique: ethan
Not Unique: Pilot8 @Pilot8
Not Unique: Bob Robert @Bob_Robert
Not Unique: ND
Not Found: Leodhadach @Leodhasach
Not Found: IFFG Can
Not Found: n456qui
Not Unique: Captain David
Not Found: Australia 3
Not Unique: Cameron McIntosh @Cameron
Not Found: IFWP Zaid
Not Found: Captain Ahmed
Not Unique: Justin G @Justin_Gonzalez
Not Found: Eden
Not Found: American 9
Not Found: TPP - NicKArT
Not Found: Canada_Colombia
Not Found: Metropol
Not Unique: Captain Dan
Not Unique: Liam Williams
Not Found: Full_flight
Not Found: Marcothc

If you know anyone here I didn’t tag please tag them

Thanks for your understanding:)


@Nick_Art @Full_flight @Canada_Colombia @Liam_Williams

I’ve sent the correct one to clement.



Guys, if you don’t fix these, you will not be able to take part, full stop. If you know who these people are, please tag them.

@Carson I’ve collected some correct usernames from some people of the list. Check the shared document :)


Do you people not talk to each other? I replied to Thomas this morning. 😉

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Yep I’m in that chat, just going by what was in my document. If a name was corrected, but hasn’t been updated on the sheet, there’s no way for me to know.
We talk to each other, but it’s all a matter of updating the sheet😉

Mine is not on there ((: but I still have not got the RSVP server

Yours was recognized and accepted:) it’ll be up once we send this.

Ok thanks ((:

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What’s a “unique” name?

A name no one would have, but you

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A name no one else uses on infinite flight

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Is the display name your name in IF or my callsign? Some people on my team put their callsign and I put my IF name.

Your display name is your display name on IF. If you need to make any corrections please PM me:)

I will tell my team to

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So someone else has my name… or?

It appears that way.