Last bye bye to the Community ! | Overspeed

Hello there all Forum members,
I’m Pretty sure some of you guys remember me, most likely as founder from AeroSync. It is hard to reach out to all members and give them a bye bye, so I guess a small Little Topic is just Right for it.

Due to personal reasons, especially more and more working internationally, I am not able to pursue all my Hobbies any more as much as I would love to. Some, fall short. Especially Infinite Flight.

I want to thank everyone who flew under my VAs, who gave me thrust and trust, who flew my flag, who worked for goals I’ve set up. In particular People, who brought the whole community and sim further, People who invested so others could take Advantage of it. Thats how the VA Scene works.

At this Point, I want to thank some particular People, who have brought me further, who didnt move an Inch from my side for 3 years actually. Pilots who have become Friends, followers, supporters. Who didnt doubt a second to come with me on new paths. I want to Mention just a few of Course, but These are @Nate_Schneller, @David_Beckett, @Captain_A, @Mubashir, and a small pack more.

Thank you in particular for having been with me.

Some may ask why I leave entirely. Well, I guess I’ve seen it all. I fly in Infinite Flight since 2013. I’ve seen solo, I’ve seen live. I’ve seen Global. I’ve led a VA with over 100 people active. I’ve restarted a Team with few of the really best pilots the whole sim can offer. I’ve found good friends who flew multiple times a week for 3 years with me. I’ve seen many VAs come, and many VAs go. I’ve talked with all people from Mods to Devs to IFVARB staff, to people flying 300 Hours of routes I created to people following me by Inch for 30 minutes.
However, I have reached the Peak. At some Point, you cant get even better People to fly with you in a Team, at some Point you have the best. Formations wont get more exclusive, formations wont get Closer. Airshows not more explosive. At some Point you can just maintain, but not push any Limits further. I want you, the dnmx members, to remember what we have achieved together.

To all recent dynamX pilots, you will hear it one last time :

"dynamX 1 to 6, 3 2 1, break. Right pattern. Land 2 by 2. Taxi to parking, Engines go off in 3 2 1. Now.

Maybe the signature - we - have left in the sim, is best summed up in the Video below and you will somehow carry on the pride.

Thanks again for an awesome time, for the dnmx members more of an Explanation is in the slack.




DynamX shall not die. I won’t allow it. Myself and other members have put in too much effort to just give up now.


Glad to be a part of a fantastic and fun team for all these years from Team Raptor in Aerosync to now. It’s been a privilege flying with you. image

And yes, the team you made, it’s not going to die out. Maybe you’ll come back to see us fly again 👍🏻


Been Great flying with you, hope to see you back soon, and as for DynamX, it will not die out.


Been a great year my dude. Through the ups and downs, we’ve somehow managed to pull through it all.
Aerosync sadly did not live on, however under the correct guidance I’m sure that dynamx will strive to be the original and best aerobatic team to ever grace infinite flight.
You brought leadership and guidance to so many, and developed the skills of so many.
None of these groups are ever forgotten. The things I’ve learnt have been applied elsewhere, and I’m sure that the same can be said for other areas where your influence was prominent.
I joined the forum and IF as nobody, and you made me and so many others into somebody.
I’m sure one day we’ll see the raptors again, led by someone made great by yourself 😉

Annoyingly however, you’ve been cemented into IF as that really annoying warning that buzzes and pops up on screen when you exceed a certain speed.

To the First AAT1 from the Final AAT1,

It was a good run.


I know you from times ago! We will mis u buddy! Have a great life and we hope you come back soon :)


I did not know you … but I have seen the things and achievements that you have made here and I have been very impressed

Congratulations for the achievements you have made in IF and I wish you the best of luck and a good life!



For the second time, farewell @Overspeed. All the best in your future endeavours and I wish you well on your journey to wherever fate requires.

I hope you keep in touch with your friends from the IFC, in particular @Kirito_77, I know you’ve been a huge influence and partner over the last few years.

Best of luck and God Speed.


I wasn’t be part of DynamiX, but I wish you only best in your life! Hope you will visit IF and IFC time to time.

You did so many good for you team! They and other people will never forget it!

Best of luck in your endeavors. IF will always be changing so if you ever get a free minute you could always come back and check out whats new in the sim and community.

This team has been kind of like my second family. I know I’ve only known you guys for about 3-4 months but damn. One of the things I looked forward too all summer is dynamx practice. Sometimes even the highlight of the day. To go along with what Overspeed said. We can’t sum up all the things we accomplished. My iPad is literally filled to the brim with screenshots of practices. Best of luck to you @Overspeed

What a bold move! I take my hat off for you.
Going to miss your amazing video clips!
Hope we’ll see you return here one day!
Take care

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Well, @David_Beckett , @MaksimFerguson , @Nate_Schneller , @Noah_Simonich , And @Scott.Cooper , And everyone else will not let the elite pilots, and team DynamX die out.

That being said, Overspeed, it’s impressive that you’ve been able to accomplish so much. The formations, callouts, all expertly planned.

Thank you, overspeed. I know at the end, tensions between us rose as our schedules did not work together. In the end, thank you.

Live long and prosper, from team DynamX.