Last BA 777 flight to PHL

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BA usually has 2 daily nonstop flights from Heathrow to Philadelphia (BAW67/BAW69) 67 being operated by a 777-200ER and 69 operated by a 787-9. But since they are giving up the 69 flight to American they won’t be flying the 777 to PHL. (Or the 787) Fortunately they are sending the 747-400 for the 67 flight, it will be the only 747 that flies to PHL. The flight being given to American is AAL737 which will be operated on a A330-300. Sometimes Fedex uses Kalitta’s 747 for charter flights in the winter.

Fitting they used the Festival livery


So American airlines will takeover that route with the American airlines 772 and British airways will use a 747 to replace the 772, but British airways will keep operating this route right, nice article​

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No, American isn’t using the 772 on the replacement flight. The new flight that replaces BAW68/69 will be AAL737 operated with an Airbus A330-300.


Sorry for the lack of clarity of what exactly what American is going to do, but what @Nathan said is correct

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Interesting. I wonder how long those BA 747s will survive. I don’t see an end to their operation. They are still launching them on routes.

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